DEVERS studio is located in the historic Printer’s Row district of Chicago Illinois. The studio encompasses the exclusivity a bespoke experience should entail. “When creating a one-of-a-kind piece for an individual, there is so much more behind each design, that being thought of as an average shoe or a handbag wouldn’t suffice. I want the client to feel a sense of pride and adornment, knowing the level of dedication that went into their piece – knowing it was just for them." In this creative space, guests are encouraged to lounge on the chesterfield, sip the finest bourbons, and enjoy the ambience of leather craftsmanship at its finest. Brandi believes it’s about creating a memory, “I love pieces that stand the test of time and I surround my workspace in vintage couture. It’s alluring in it’s beauty- to think after 50 to 100 years it still captivates. I love imagining the lives each piece has lived; who owned it, where it’s been. That’s how I want people to feel about my pieces- now, and decades to come.”

By appointment only.